Queen – Liar, Live in The Studio

Queen was one of the best live bands ever and the biggest reason was Freddie Mercury, who was always spot on in every live show or video I’ve ever seen. I was lucky enough to see them live twice, which gives me bragging rights whenever the conversation turns to what bands we saw in our glory days. In the early days they were famous for no synthesizer, which was a big deal a the time. A lot of bands were using synthesizer to appeal to the heads and hippies. I remember reading that claim to fame on the album covers of Queen One, and Sheer Heart Attack (both epic albums!)

I got carried away searching for Queen videos and decided to add one more to this post. Just couldn’t get enough of these guys in their prime.

Great King Rat – From Their First Album

If you search for Queen on YouTube you will find a number of full recording live shows, which is awesome. I found this concert as I was looking for an appropriate video to post on this page.

Check this out if you have time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PdpHz8JNTo  It’s a little over 90 minutes.

For more great live and studio videos, I found this YouTube Channel dedicated to Queen

So long Freddie Mercury, you will be missed