Max Webster, Beyond The Moon. Recored at “The New Music” in Toronto 1980

Max Webster, another one of those amazing bands that shaped my teen years, beyond on into my twenties. In this video we are watching Kim Mitchell rock out with what I would have to say is the climax of his signature serial tunes about the Moon. It started on the album “High Class in Borrowed Shoes” (1975) where they blew us away with the the last song listed on the album – “In Context Of The Moon”. Then in 1978 they came out with “Mutiny Up My Sleeve” and recorded the second version of the Moon series with “Beyond The Moon”. Then completing the series Kim recorded “A Million Vacations” in 1979 and added the last song in the trilogy “”Moon Voices”

If you haven’t heard of this until now, don’t walk, RUN to your nearest download site and grab a copy of these underground rock classics. Believe me you will not regret the extra effort to find these gems and add them to your collection. Better yet, download everything you can find from Max Webster. A stellar Canadian rock band from the Seventies.  This was recorded at The New Music studio in Toronto 1980