Santana lll – 1971

This album is quite rare for some reason, but one of the best ever by Santana. If you’ve never heard of this one, it would be because the album never actually had a name. It was always referred to as Santana 3 or “The Man With The Outstretched Hand”. The album graphics you see here are different than the original. The number 3 was not visible on any of the original covers.

You can’t see the interior art work here, but the original vinyl LP version had a huge hallucinogenic type of universal visual inside the cover when you opened it up. It was an extension of the cover display. The inner art would open into a 24″ X 12″ poster. This album was one of those things that would take you on a wild musical trip. Now it’s just a trip down memory lane for us seventies stoners.